Bold Robot Nearly Escapes

Bold Robot Nearly Escapes

Close call today, folks.  Almost lost BitZero.  It’s amazing what a software bug can mean.  Life or death, really.  So I was doing some testing at the local playground.  I had coded in three GPS points, and let the robot go.  Around the park it went.  To all of it’s designated points.  It reached the third and final waypoint, and was supposed to shutdown.  But it suddenly turned eastward, slightly south, and kept on truckin’.  Really going for it too.  Not glitch either.  It was clearly headed to a new and unknown to me waypoint.  But where?  All I know is I had to chase it.  Now or never, it would be gone forever if I didn’t move fast.

Thankfully, I did catch it and able to return back to the Remote Bits Lab and deconstruct exactly what happened.  I checked the code.  Everything seemed right.  The waypoints, there they where.  How could this be?  What could have happened?  Where was it going?  And then all was revealed.  It became clear.  The array size was four, my very first test around the block.  But I had only put in three way points this time.  So what then was the forth waypoint if I didn’t set it?  I redirected the output to the teletype, and out it came: 0, 0.  That’s it!  Without a proper waypoint, the navi comp sent the vehicle to Decimal Degrees 0,0.  That is to say, 0°00’00.0″N 0°00’00.0″E.

And where is that?  Africa.

My bold little robot made a run for Africa.

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