New Project Announcement: AquaBitsOne

New Project Announcement: AquaBitsOne

We here at, me), are excited to announce our next phase in rover robotics: AquaBitsOne.  This will be a prototype vessel that shifts us from terrestrial exploration to aquatic.


Protype in aquatic form
Taking us to the next phase in autonomous robotic exploration.

Over the years I have begun to fine tune my own personal development methodology, which involves setting up one big annual goal divided up in to steps that I map out as monthly goals.   You could say it is Agile Methodology applied on a personal level.  One Epic of twelves sprints that are four weeks long each.  With the New Year brings new goals in my life and the beginning of my 2018 Epic.

And this will be to achieve an oceanographic vessel that travels autonomously using GPS and transmitting its current location with APRS.  It should be capable of traveling at least one mile in the Pacific Ocean in good weather.  I also have a stretch goal of being able to record thirty minutes of underwater audio using a hydrophone.

We begin with the first Story of our first Sprint.  AquaBitsOne.  This is essentially an airboat using salvaged aircraft electronics.  It is the first prototype, and is made from cheap dollar store foam that has been waterproofed with polyurethane.  I chose this form because I already had everything needed to get started.  It means I can start testing the code and hardware developed from BitZero, on the water and at no cost.  Will it work?  I don’t know.  Does it matter?  No, we will iterate until it does work.  Is this thing going in the ocean?  Doubtful.  Again, we will iterate and learn as we go along.

So let’s do this.

Happy New Year!

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