Project Update: AquaBitsTwo

Project Update: AquaBitsTwo

After the lessons learned building and launching AquaBitsOne, I’ve begun to scope out ideas for the next version, hereby named AquaBitsTwo.  Rather than custom build something out of foam or wood, I ended up deciding to just try out a body board.  Found this at Leslie’s Pool Supply:  a Big Lizard 24/26 Inch Small.   It was only nine dollars.

Size comparison photo shows it’s a near identical replacement. Except that it will lack one critical flaw of the previous version:  it cannot leak.

AquaBitsOne and Next Version Comparison.  Ribbit!


It looked like it was covered in fabric so next it was stripped to bare foam.  Setting the motor and rudder back on top and it sure looks like we are back in action!

The beginning of AquaBitsTwo

I might install the electronics in a waterproof case, though I don’t think this necessary yet for where I’m at in the project.  It is driven slowly and the lake surface is pretty stable.  I have a lot of testing I need to do before I worry about making it sea worthy.  Any old storage container will probably be fine for now. We’ll see.  I estimate that I should have a working version ready for launch this  weekend.

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