Open Water Test Three – Final Conclusion

Open Water Test Three – Final Conclusion

Is this Lake Berryessa or Myst Island?


Today marks the conclusion of testing the airboat platform.  And the result is:  I will stop prototyping with it. The wind was a little higher today and the boat was unable to steer autonomously at the speed I intend to build a rover.   The rudders attempted to steer the craft, but the wind kept it from making the turn.  It appeared to be incorrectly sailing the wrong GPS point, but really it was in a state of balance with the wind.  When I switch to manual mode, I was able to overcome the force and drive normally, but that’s because i’m using a lot more throttle.  And that’s not how I intend for the drone ship to sail.  So that pretty much is the end of this boat type and I will need to do some brainstorming on what ship to buy or build next to get us to the next phase of this project.

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