Problem Connecting DJI Drone to Android

Problem Connecting DJI Drone to Android

Connecting my DJI Phantom 3 Standard to my Android(v7) phone has always been painful.  You connect to the drone’s Wi-Fi, and nothing happens.  You load up your DJI app and still nothing happens, you don’t get the usual Camera mode.

I’ve finally figured out how to do it reliably, and I’m writing it down because I did not find the answer online.  And right now, you’re standing in a field somewhere, looking for this information.

The key is to forget the Wi-Fi network before each and every flight.  Hopefully you did not change the password and forgotten it because it will ask you for it.



But if you didn’t change the password, then add the network WiFi again.  The default password is 12341234.  Don’t tell anybody I told you, ok?

Enter the secret password.



After 5 to 10 seconds you get the Magic Screen.  This is the screen of joy.   It makes me happy, it will make you happy too:

This the place to be.


Tap the “Wi-Fi has no Internet Access” notification.   This is it!  The Final Checkpoint.  Ankh.  Sanctuary.  Choose YES.

But don’t bother selecting the checkbox to “Don’t ask again for this network”.   It would seem reasonable that all would be well to check it.  But it won’t.  This is the source of much unhappiness and ultimate suffering.  The problem with doing that is the next time you try to fly, it doesn’t detect Internet and assumes there’s no reason to connect.  Worse, it’s not even going to ask you about it anymore.  And the key to fixing the problem is already described:  Forget the Wi-Fi network before every flight.

Don’t do it!



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