Getting in to RC Car Speed Running

Getting in to RC Car Speed Running



My first foray in to speed running.  These are my notes for posterity.

I want to baseline my vehicle first, as I’ve been driving it for this last year, without any modifications for speed:

  • Traxxas 2wd Slash
  • Velineon VXL-3s ESC
  • NiMH Battery 3000 mAh
  • 23T 48P pinion
  • 90T 48P spur

Baseline Run:  30mph

Experiment #1:

Replace the pinion and spur to 27/76 and measure the speed.

Result : 33mph

Wow, interesting!  That was a huge bump in gearing I would have expected more than a 10% speed increase.

Conclusion:  I think we’ve hit the peak discharge rate of the NiMH battery.

Next experiment:  I need to obtain foam tires and a LiPo battery(probably 3s), bring the gears back to 23/90, and see how each of those compare to baseline.



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