Open Water Remote Control Test

Open Water Remote Control Test

Selected a hobby grade remote control boat as a suitable platform in the next step for my quest to build an autonomous watercraft.  Picked up a AquaCraft Wildcat Brushless Catamaran and took it out to Lake Berryessa to test under remote control.  Got a feel for the speed, turn rate, and battery life.  The boat is much faster than I need it to be as an autonomous robot.  At its slowest speed, turning is still very responsive.  I estimate I’ll only use around 20% of the rudder deflection angle.

I drove the craft for approximately 14 minutes at various speeds, including full throttle.  Overall, this consumed 65% of a 2200 MAH 3s Lipo.

At autonomous speeds, imagine I’d get at least double that duration.

This was my first RC boat experience, and I have to say, it was wicked fun.

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