How to Adjust CPU Fan Speed on a Gigabyte Motherboard (Z97N-WIFI)

How to Adjust CPU Fan Speed on a Gigabyte Motherboard (Z97N-WIFI)

The Gigabyte BIOS is so un-intuitive that I’m documenting my notes in case it helps anyone else.  While searching online I did not find any answers on how to adjust the CPU Fan Speed.  Maybe it didn’t come up while searching because it’s so easy for everybody else to find that there’s no need to document it.  I’m good at detecting ambiguity.  It is my special gift.

So here’s how.  Get in to the BIOS by holding the Del key while booting up.

The magic navigation is M.I.T. -> PC Health Status

Magic Menu for Adjusting CPU Fan Speed

Do you see what I mean?  The last place I’m looking to adjust the CPU Fan Speed is some mysterious thing called M.I.T.  And then PC Health Status?  It reminds me of the great scene in Office Space:  “PC Load Letter?  WTF does that mean?”  Health Status is not a great description for making adjustments.

Anyways… it’s obvious what to do once you’ve mastered the ol’ M.I.T. sub menus….

You have arrived.



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