Setting Up a Spektrum DX-6 to Work Blade Theory XL Quadcopter

Setting Up a Spektrum DX-6 to Work Blade Theory XL Quadcopter

My notes on how to setup Spektrum DX-6 with a Blade Theory XL because the downloadable setup file was incorrect for me and resulted in hours of frustration. Writing down what I did in case I need to do it again months from now and will have long forgotten. And maybe it’ll help someone else out there….

First you need to get the setup file from or Horizon Hobby. Next you need to create a new model because loading the setup file will overwrite whatever model is currently selected:

System Setup -> Model Select -> Add a New Model

Copy the file to an SD card and insert it in the slot at the bottom of the transmitter. Then load it:

System Setup -> Transfer SD Card -> drill down to the file

On mine it created three “Theory XL” models and I’m not yet sure why. I’m curious if it was because I downloaded and copied the setup file from Linux. The following day I erased All Models and started over again with a Windows machine. I don’t know if Windows was the fix, or erasing the models but it worked as expected.

This is my first race quad and I was delighted to learn that setup files were available, I’ve never done this before. I had hoped loading this file was all you have to do but it turns out not to be the case.

This is what I needed to fix in order to get the props to spin:

  1. The Aux Channel was set to D need to move it to H
  2. Throttle travel was 100:100 and needs to be -150, 150

Fixing the Aux Channel

The Aux channel is used to arm the motors. My setup file had this set to Switch D, the manual said it should be H. Having the wrong switch set will cause the motors to not arm when you press it.

  1. Go to System Setup -> Channel Assign
  2. Next
  3. Scroll to 6 and change to H.

Fixing the Throttle Travel

Having the wrong travel will also cause the motors to not arm when you hit the switch to arm them. Mine were set 100 to 100 and noticed in the manual it should be -150 to +150. Finding and fixing this caused much joy.

  1. Select Theory XL Model and go to Main Screen
  2. Go to Control Setup
  3. Select Travel
  4. Scroll to Alt. With the Throttle down the bottom number is selected. Adjust it to 150
  5. Now move the Throttle all the way up and the top number selects. Adjust this to 150.

And with that…

Here is my very first flight, and not coincidentally, my first crash:

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