How to Setup Spektrum DX6 with Different Trim Values on a Switch

How to Setup Spektrum DX6 with Different Trim Values on a Switch

Here are my notes on how to setup a switch so that toggling it will give you one trim value that you can “turn off” in flight.. In my case, I want to hand launch a fixed wing model with some up-trim that I can bring back to normal with a switch. The manual is not exactly clear on how to do this.

One solution is called Flight Modes, or F-Mode on the screen.

  1. Power On and make sure you are on your desired model.
  2. Scroll to System Setup -> YES
  3. Scroll to F-Mode Setup
  4. Flight Mode Switch -> Switch B
  5. If you were to go to the Main Screen at this point and toggle Switch B, you should observe it saying “Flight Mode 1”, “Flight Mode 2″…
  6. Scroll to Trim Setup -> Elevator: 5 F Mode
  7. Now return to the Main Screen and select the Flight Mode you would like to have some up-trim.
  8. Adjust the Elevator trim the usual way with the Trim button
  9. Now when you toggle to the other Flight Mode, you will observe the trim value change on the slider icon. Each Flight Mode can be set to different values this way.

For more details see “Trim Setup” in the user manual.

Note: there may be other ways to accomplish this that I’m not yet aware of. Online searches hint that it can be done with Flap System as well as Mixing.

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