Virtual Tamagotchi in Ubuntu

Virtual Tamagotchi in Ubuntu

These are my steps to reproduce virtualization of Tamagotchis in Ubuntu 20. I came across this in a Hackaday Podcast. I was intrigued because the emulator developer wrote the software to be OS and hardware agnostic, thus implying it can be installed on a wide variety of devices. It sounded like a fun project to me so I took the first step to get it running just in linux. I started with a vanilla install so it required a couple more steps than indicated in the TamaTool guide.

Posting my notes here to help me remember the steps in the future, and in case anyone else finds any value in it.

Steps to Reproduce

Step 1: Create some kind of project directory where your Tamagotchi will live:

mkdir tamahome; cd tamahome;

Step 2: Install the necessary tools:

sudo apt install git

sudo apt install make

sudo apt install gcc

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-image-dev libpng-dev

Step 3: Clone the code repository:

git clone –recursive

cd tamatool;

Step 4: Compile the code:

make linux;

  • Successful message: Linking … -> tamatool

cd linux;

Step 5: Provide ROM (location in README) and place it in ./linux


mv tama.b rom.bin

Step 6: Provide resources directory, located in parent of ./linux:

cp -r ../res/ .

Step 7: Start!


I can’t claim to understand how to get this working on another device, but I’m looking forward to learning how.

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