DIY Tamiya Lunch Box Body Mount

DIY Tamiya Lunch Box Body Mount

TLDR: Cut off the head of a nail and epoxy it to the existing, broken body mount.

So my body mount broke and I can’t believe how hard it is to replace! It’s the weakest part on the whole model, like, painfully obvious weak. And yet, extremely difficult to find a replacement. You can get the whole tree, C PARTS: 58063, but even these aren’t easy to obtain. And why would I want to replace it with something so easy to break? So, I bought an aluminum one on eBay, shipped from Hong Kong and… it never arrived. So it was time to get MacGyver.

This is my solution. If you know a better one, other than 3d print, please let me know. I will update this page on how long effective and durable this is….

Keep on rocking the RC world people.

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